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View Earth from a different perspective

View Earth from a different perspective

Data from satellites and marine vessels can tell us about the surface of the Earth and how it changes over time.

Geoscience Australia takes this observation data and transforms it into useful and informative products, making the data easier to interpret and understand. 

The hub for Earth and marine observation metadata

The hub for Earth and marine observation metadata

The Content Management Interface (CMI) is the hub for Geoscience Australia's Earth and marine observation data products.

It provides access to product metadata, links to data and maps, and technical information for developers.

Need help? Contact the CMI Team at cmi@ga.gov.au.

Our data products are open to everyone

Our data products are open to everyone

Our data products can be accessed by everyone: from students and scientists, to policy makers and those in the agricultural industry. ​

They provide a wealth of information for things like detecting coastal erosion, monitoring urban growth, and understanding the complexities of the seafloor.

Our programs

Digital Earth Australia (DEA)

Digital Earth Australia (DEA) is a platform that uses spatial data and images recorded by satellites orbiting our planet to detect physical changes across Australia in unprecedented detail. DEA prepares these vast volumes of Earth observation data and makes it available to governments and industry for easy use.

When prepared and analysed using high performance computing, this data provides a wealth of information to Australian government and industry for monitoring the environment, increasing productivity in the agriculture and mining industries, and also supports the rapidly growing market for spatial information and services.

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The Marine and Antarctic group in Geoscience Australia:

  • leads and collaborates externally on marine surveys
  • acquires and interprets seabed data to map, characterise and monitor marine environments in support of key government programs
  • delivers publicly available acoustic datasets such as bathymetry, backscatter, side scan sonar data and other marine-related products across Australia’s marine jurisdiction

The group provides geoscientific advice to support Australian Government's activities in Antarctica and Australia. The AusSeabed mission is to improve the awareness, coverage, quality, discoverability and accessibility of seabed mapping data through coordination and collaboration in the Australian region.

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Copernicus Australasia

The Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub, in support of the European Copernicus Programme, provides free, open, trusted and reliable access to Sentinel satellite data for Australasia, South-East Asia, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Australian Antarctic Territory.​

The Hub provides:

  • a unique and valuable resource for Sentinel-1, -2, -3 and 5P mission products, from the beginning of the mission to the current date within 12 hours of satellite overpass
  • a sovereign copy with data provenance, ensuring ongoing security and data supply
  • a cost-effective way to sync and share petabytes of Sentinel products from Europe

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