CMI Publication Workflow

Workflow Stage
   1. Product Conception


This stage involves the work of conceiving and developing a product/publication idea, and the work required to create it.

An initial record can be created on CMI as a placeholder, with detailed content added as work progresses.

CMI work steps during this stage include draft, backlog, in development



- Initial CMI metadata record


   2. Review


Once the product or publication has reached a stage nearing publication, the review stage must be completed. This involves GA's required peer review process. Review checklists can be capture in CMI. The metadata content must be as complete as possible.

Step 1: Firstly, the author must complete the 'Author Checklist': Author Review for Datasets, or Author Review for Publications.

Step 2: Secondly, the author must nominate a number of peer reviewers (depending on GA policy and end product type), who can complete their review forms here: Reviewer Review for Datasets, or Reviewer Review for Publications

The Author's Checklist and Reviewer's Checklists will be saved by CMI and lodged in Trim location 2018/1847



- CMI metadata record as complete as possible

- Completed Author Checklist

- Completed Peer Review Checklists

- Complete Product Description Document


   3. Approval


Once product/publication metadata has been finalised, review checklists have been completed and feedback adequately addressed, the author may submit their request for publication approval.

Step 1: The author nominates their Project Lead and Branch Head during the initial creation of the record. Please contact CMI admin if COD approval is required.

Step 2: Once ready, the author will escalate the moderation state of their product to 'Requesting Project Lead Approval'. Notifications to the Project Lead, and then Branch Head are handled automatically via email.

Step 3: The email will ask the approver to review the metadata content and other relevant data, and log their approval via CMI. This will include completing the Approver's Checklist: Approver's Checklist.

CMI admin will lodge approval receipts and checklists in Trim location 2018/1257



- Project Lead Approval, with completed Approver Checklist

- Branch Head Approval, with completed Approver Checklist


   4. Publication Preparation


Once approved for publication, CMI admin will generate the Product Management Plan and lodge this in Trim location 2015/1367 (as required by eCat).

CMI admin will perform final checks on the metadata, then forward it to eCat for ingestion and publication. The Product Description document will usually be attached to the eCat record, please notify CMI admin if addition attachments or links are required.

DOIs are generated by eCat, please let CMI admin if you require this and it will be facilitated for you.



- CMI Admin approved CMI record

- Product Management Plan in HPRM

- Accepted XML metadata file processed by eCat


   5. Published


A published product or publication will be visible via the public eCat website.

Publication via NCI will require additional checks, and publication via web services will need to be arranged on an individual basis (through DISI).

Updates to published products should be made in the first instance in CMI, but please let CMI admin know your changes so flow on to eCat can be managed.



- NCI QA Validation (where required)

- Data and metadata publically accessible



Please contact with any queries.