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Data Name Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub
Data Technical Name Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub
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Data Purpose

Globally, Sentinel imagery is used to address six thematic areas comprising atmosphere, marine environment, land, climate change, emergency management and security.

In our region, the Hub provides imagery to support a wide range of applications that continue to grow. Examples include:

  • methodologies to monitor ground deformation and subsidence
  • measuring natural water flows in river catchments
  • monitoring water quality in both coastal and inland waters
  • monitoring vegetation changes in support of legislative and regulatory requirements
  • modelling land condition of catchments that drain into or could impact on sensitive natural assets such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
  • responding to and recovering from natural disasters
  • monitoring, detecting and characterising land, water and infrastructure changes over time
  • contributing to climate impact research and studies.

Having a dedicated Hub has influenced acquisition of a greater density and coverage of Sentinel imagery over our region. This will continue to grow with new missions coming on line and new applications demonstrating the extraction of crucial information from this rich source of open data.

Data Items Sentinel Australasia Regional Access (SARA)
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Data management roles

Data owner Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia)
Data custodian Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia)
Data steward Geoscience Australia - Team Leader, Applications and Systems Support, NEMO
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Below are ESA's quality information for:


  • SAR quality control


  • MSI data product quality reports
  • POD instruments and products quality control


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