Australian Marine Video and Imagery Collection

Australian Marine Video and Imagery Collection

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Unlike land-based environments, relatively little is known about what the seafloor around Australia looks like or has living on it.

Being able to observe the seafloor can allow us to directly observe coastal and deep environments and identify what habitats occur there and the organisms that live there.

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Geoscience Australia undertakes a range of marine surveys to improve the understanding and the management of Australia's marine environments. One component of the research involves the use a towed video system to directly observe coastal and deep sea environments. In many areas, particularly in deep offshore sites, these devices provide the first images of the seafloor.

This data package includes towed video and still images acquired on GA surveys from 2007 onwards.

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    Technical information

    Various camera systems have been used to collect both video and still imagery depending on the vessel:

    • Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) have been used in some surveys to collect still imagery including of continuous mosaics.
    • Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) have been used to collect imagery of targeted areas.
    • GoPros have also been attached to various sampling gear, including grabs, towed systems and AUVs, to obtain imagery.

    The most common platform used are towed systems. These use a winch on the ship to lower the video system to 1-2 metres above the seafloor, with a tow speed of 1-2 knots. This speed and altitude allows the video camera to record sharp images of the seafloor while covering distances of up to 1-2 km. Video footage is sent up a cable to the ship so it can be viewed in real time. Georeferencing of seafloor imagery is challenging. Details of navigation, where available, are provided with each record.The hours of footage collected on the seafloor provide a wealth of information about the geological features, habitats and life forms occurring throughout Australia's marine jurisdiction.

    This data package includes towed video and still images acquired on GA surveys from 2007 onwards. Between 2007 and 2017, this included 34 marine surveys (including Antarctic waters):

    GA0322_Bonaparte2009_SOL4934, eCat ID:70206, Metadata link

    GA0308_Carnarvon_SOL4976, eCat ID: 70202, Metadata link

    GA0309_0312_JervisBay2008, eCat ID: 70208, Metadata link

    GA0315_SE_Tasmania, eCat ID: 70203, Metadata link

    GA0325_Bonaparte2010_SOL5117, eCat ID: 70902, Metadata link

    GA0326_JervisBay2009, eCat ID: 70208, Metadata link

    GA0334_VlamingBasin2012, eCat ID: 74276, Metadata link

    GA0335_Petrel2012_SOL5463, eCat ID: 74672, Metadata link

    GA0337_Flinders_Commonwealth_Reserve, eCat ID: 74581, Metadata link

    GA0338_Solitary_Islands, eCat ID: 74582, Metadata link

    GA0339_Oceanic_Shoals_SOL5650, eCat ID: 75879, Metadata link

    GA0340_Browse2013, eCat ID: 77504, Metadata link

    GA0345_Browse_Basin_2014_TAN1411, eCat ID: 82983, Metadata link

    GA0348_Casey_Station_2015, eCat ID: 83876, Metadata link

    GA0350_Gippsland_Env_Monitoring_I, eCat ID: 87846, Metadata link

    GA0353_Gippsland_Env_Monitoring_II, eCat ID: 87847, Metadata link

    GA0355_Gippsland_Env_Monitoring_III, eCat ID: 101460, Metadata link

    GA2436_LordHoweRise_TAN0713, eCat ID: 70204, Metadata link

    GA2461_LordHoweIs2008_SS0608, eCat ID: 70201, Metadata link

    GA2476_WAMargin, eCat ID: 70205, Metadata link

    GA4301_DAVIS_AAS2201, eCat ID: 70441, Metadata link

    GA4330_CEAMARC_200708V3, eCat ID: 70207, Metadata link

    GA4347_MERTZ_201011VMS, eCat ID: 71667, Metadata link

    GA4402_Balls_Pyramid_SS2013v02, eCat ID: 76212, Metadata link


    GA0357_Davis 2017

    IN2017_VO1_Totten Glacier, eCat ID: 116582, Metadata link

    Darwin Harbour 2015

    Bynoe Harbour 2016

    Darwin Harbour 2013

    Lord Howe Rise 2017

    GA2408_RowleyShoals2006_SS062006, eCat ID: 116861, Metadata link

    IN2017_V01_Sabrina_Seafloor, eCat ID: 116582, Metadata link


    Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia)


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