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Title Collection Version Program Resource type Links to data Tags
DEA Surface Reflectance (Sentinel-2A MSI) flat-square Geoscience Australia Sentinel-2 Collection 3 3.0.0 Digital Earth Australia Baseline Digital Earth Australia - Public Data (Provisional) analysis ready data, satellite images, Earth observation, Sentinel, European
DEA Wetlands Insight Tool (Ramsar Wetlands) flat-square Geoscience Australia Landsat Collection 2 (DEPRECATED) 4.0.0 Digital Earth Australia Derivative Digital Earth Australia - Public Data wetlands, environmental management
Australian Geographic Reference Image flat-square 1.0.0 Digital Earth Australia Baseline THREDDS AGRI, natural mosaic, UTM zone mosaics
Australian Marine Video and Imagery Collection flat-square 1.0.0 Marine Baseline THREDDS seafloor, autonomous underwater vehicle
Australian National Spectral Database flat-square 3.3.0 Digital Earth Australia Data service Australian remote sensing, field spectroscopy, geoscientific information, Earth observation, aquatic substrate library, calibration and validation, analysis ready data, end-member studies
Bynoe Harbour Habitat Mapping Bathymetry Survey flat-square 1.0.0 Marine Baseline Download the data via eCat Marine, bathymetry, Multibeam, bathymetry grid, AusSeabed, marine data
Bynoe Harbour Habitat Mapping Survey 2016: Chlorins and porosity data for seabed sediments 1.0.0 Marine Baseline Marine, continental shelf, seabed, seafloor, Geochemistry
Bynoe Harbour Habitat Mapping Survey 2016: High resolution backscatter grid 1.0.0 Marine Baseline backscatter, Marine, seafloor, seabed, Oceans
Bynoe Harbour Habitat Mapping Survey 2016: High resolution bathymetry grid 1.0.0 Marine Baseline Marine, bathymetry, seafloor, Oceans
Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub flat-square Copernicus Data service Sentinel Australasia Regional Access (SARA) Sentinel, European