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Title Collection Version Program Resource type Links to data Tags
Australian Geographic Reference Image flat-square 1.0.0 Digital Earth Australia Baseline THREDDS AGRI, natural mosaic, UTM zone mosaics
Australian Marine Video and Imagery Collection flat-square 1.0.0 Marine Baseline THREDDS seafloor, autonomous underwater vehicle
Australian National Spectral Database flat-square 3.3.0 Digital Earth Australia Data service Australian remote sensing, field spectroscopy, geoscientific information, Earth observation, aquatic substrate library, calibration and validation, analysis ready data, end-member studies
Bynoe Harbour Habitat Mapping Bathymetry Survey flat-square 1.0.0 Marine Baseline Download the data via eCat Marine, bathymetry, Multibeam, bathymetry grid, AusSeabed, marine data
Bynoe Harbour Habitat Mapping Survey 2016: Chlorins and porosity data for seabed sediments 1.0.0 Marine Baseline Marine, continental shelf, seabed, seafloor, Geochemistry
Bynoe Harbour Habitat Mapping Survey 2016: High resolution backscatter grid 1.0.0 Marine Baseline backscatter, Marine, seafloor, seabed, Oceans
Bynoe Harbour Habitat Mapping Survey 2016: High resolution bathymetry grid 1.0.0 Marine Baseline Marine, bathymetry, seafloor, Oceans
Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub flat-square Copernicus Data service Sentinel Australasia Regional Access (SARA) Sentinel, European
DEA Coastlines flat-square Geoscience Australia Landsat Collection 3 1.0.0 Digital Earth Australia Derivative Data download (ESRI Shapefile and GeoPackage format) marine and coastal, coast, erosion, waterline extraction, subpixel waterlines, coastal change, DEA CoastLines, coastline data, coastal erosion
DEA Fractional Cover (Landsat) flat-square Geoscience Australia Landsat Collection 2 2.2.1 Digital Earth Australia Derivative THREDDS green vegetation, non-green vegetation, bare soil