Satellite and Solar Geometry Calculation

Submitted by Sixsmith Joshua on Fri, 17/05/2019 - 15:57
Short Description

Accurate positional geometry of the sun and observer are required in order to standardise a surface reflectance measurement so that it is consistent across time and space.

The process calculates at full acquisition resolution and spatial extent in native CRS, the following datasets:

  • Solar zenith
    • The angle between the zenith and the centre of the Sun's disc
  • Solar azimuth
    • The angle of the sun's position from true north
  • Satellite view
    • The angle between the zenith and the satellite
  • Satellite azimuth
    • The angle of the satellite's position from true north
  • Relative azimuth
    • The relative azimuth between the sun and view directions
  • Time Delta
    • The time in seconds from satellite apogee