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Content Manager duties and permissions

Editing existing data products

Managing new users

Managing resource documents



Content Manager duties and permissions

As the Content Manager you can:

  • edit any CMI content
  • change the moderation state to any stage, including publishing and unpublishing products
  • add new users
  • add glossary terms
  • create and edit content on the Resources page


Editing existing data products

Editing a product

If the Product Owner:

  • sends you the text they would like to add/edit:
    1) Open up the data product.
    2) Select 'Edit' and make the necessary changes for them.
    3) Select 'Next' at the bottom of the page. Click 'Save'.
  • wants to edit the product themselves
    1) Open up the data product.
    2) Select 'Edit'.
    3) Select 'Next' at the bottom of the page.
    4) Change the moderation state to 'Draft'. Click 'Save'.
    5) The Product Owner can now log in and make their changes. They need to notify you when they have completed their edits.
    6) Repeat Steps 1-4, but change the moderation state to 'Published'.


Unpublishing a product

1) Open up the data product.

2) Select 'Edit'.

3) Select 'Next' at the bottom of the page.

4) Change the moderation state to 'Deprecated'. Click 'Save'.

- the product will now be removed from public view, but still present in the backend of the CMI.


Editing an eCat record

If any changes need to be made to an existing eCat record, email the eCat Team ( and specify:

  • the record that needs to be edited
  • the changes you wish to make

You do not need to go through the CMI approval process.


Email to eCat for publication

To: / CC: Product Owner

Subject: Please publish '<title>' on eCat

Hi Dataman,

Could you please create an eCat record for the data product, ‘<title>’.

I have attached the following items:

  • eCat XML

  • PMP, which includes the TRIM reference for the Branch Head approval

Could you also include the following under Download and links:

  • Label 1: <e.g. THREDDS>
    Link 1: <insert link or attach file>

  • Label 2: Product description
    Link 2: attached

If you have any questions, please let us know.


The CMI Team



Managing new users

Adding a new user

1) A new user signs up.

2) An email gets sent to the CMI inbox stating that someone has requested a new account. 

3) Click on the link in the email to open up the new user's account. 

4) Change their status from 'Blocked' to 'Active'. Select 'Standard user'. Click 'Save'. 

5) They will automatically be sent an email that tells them how to set a password. They can then log into the system.


Editing the welcome email for new users

To edit the email users receive when they sign up:

1) Select 'Configuration' > 'People' > 'Account settings'. 

2) Scroll down to the bottom of the page to 'Emails'.

3) Edit and save.


Managing resource documents

Editing a resource document

1) Open up the resource document.

2) Select 'Edit'.

3) The text is presented in sections called 'Simple' blocks. Find the Simple block you'd like to edit and select 'Edit'.

4) Edit the text. Click 'Save' when finished.


Adding a resource document

STEP 1: Create the document

1) Select 'Manage' (in the top left corner) > 'Content' > 'Add content' > 'Basic page'.

2) Enter a title for the document.

3) The text is presented in sections called 'Simple' blocks. Enter your content into the Simple Text field. Do not enter content into the Body field.

4) Expand 'URL Alias' (listed on the right-hand side). Enter '/resources/<name of your document>' (e.g. '/resources/how-to-do-stuff).

5) Click 'Save'.

STEP 2: Add the document to the Resources page

1) Navigate to the Resources page.

2) Select 'Edit'.

3) The resource documents are arranged in two columns:

  • User guidance
  • For Product Owners + For the Content Manager

Select which column the document belongs to and select 'Edit' for that column.

4) Select the column component you wish to add to and select 'Edit'.

5) Enter the title of the document in the URL and select the correct document. Add a label.

6) Click 'Save'.


Adding a glossary term

STEP 1: Create the term

1) Select 'Manage' > 'Structure' > 'Taxonomy'.

2) Scroll down to 'Glossary' and select 'List terms'.

3) Here you can edit an existing term by selecting 'Edit'. Add a new term by selecting 'Add term'.

4) Save changes.

STEP 2: Import it into the glossary

1) On the menu, go to 'Configuration' > 'System' > 'Simple glossary'.

2) Select the 'Import terms' tab.

3) Select 'Import terms'. 

4) From the 'Select taxomony' drop-down menu, select 'Glossary'. Click 'Import taxonomy'.

5) Click 'Back to site' to return to the home page.