A distributed geospatial data server, which allows you to interact with datasets using standard community protocols. GSKY (pronounced ji-skee) accesses and analyses the geospatial data on NCI’s cloud and high-performance computing systems, and delivers it to a user device or website. Behind the scenes, GSKY manipulates the datasets so they seamlessly work together.

To use GSKY, choose from the list of datasets, specify a region and timeframe, and GSKY will analyse the information as harmonised data.  

For more information, see GSKY IntroductionNCI: Data Services.


A general term used to denote an increase in signal power in transmission from one point to another, usually expressed in decibels. It can also be used to represent the multiplier used to transform satellite image digital numbers to measures of at-sensor radiance.

Geoscience Australia (GA)

An Australian Government agency that carries out geoscientific research. It is the government’s technical advisor on all aspects of geoscience and is the custodian of geographic and geological data.  

For more information, see Geoscience Australia